Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray highlights the beauty of protest.  Click here to order a special hand-signed copy.   

Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray highlights the beauty of protest. Click here to order a special hand-signed copy.   

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In the spirit of Edward Snowden and activists throughout the United States risking their freedom to fight corruption, comes a new coffee table photo book that celebrates the art of protest.  Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray  by Emmy Award-winning journalist, photographer, and former CNN correspondent Amber Lyon, is an unforgettable photographic journey highlighting ordinary Americans standing up to defend their rights and those of their fellow citizens.

"Whether you care about economic and social justice, the growing surveillance state, militarization of U.S. police, or equality when it comes to topless sunbathing," says Lyon, "the beauty of protests is that anyone can do it- all it takes is a little passion.  I only hope that the threat of pepper spray will never prevail over the voice of the American people."

The book’s 12 chapters and cover an array of recent protests across the United states with a focus on immigrant rights, Anonymous, women’s right to go topless, the Chicago Teacher’s Strike, online protest, attacks on press freedom, home foreclosure barricades, Keystone Pipeline demonstrations, Chicago NATO protests, Treyvon Martin, Anaheim police brutality… and many, many more. 

Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray also focuses on the increasing militarization of police nationwide as well as attacks against the press.  As Lyon traveled the country to photograph, she was shot at by police in Anaheim, crushed underneath a crowd of police batons in Chicago, and forced to inhale pepper spray more times than she can count.  Police brutality and use of pepper spray against protesters is heavily documented in the book. 

Many of the freedoms we take for granted today could not have been possible with out the work of citizens who were willing to stand up- and in some cases risk and even give their lives- for the causes in which they believed. 

In the pages of Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray you’ll see just how far that passion has taken Americans in their quest for justice.